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Dispatches from Home Part 3

This weekend was less than productive, but I did catch up on some letters so at least there’s that. I also spent some time organizing my stationery for National Card & Letter Writing Month in April. I love changing my Classiky box with each season. I pasted my stay at home to do list into my Travelers Notebook so maybe I’ll take it more seriously now. I’m hoping to at least plant some seeds and get started on the bedroom this week. And I’m thinking fondue sounds fun for the weekend. I’m trying to decide if traditional or a beer cheddar is the way to go…so many decisions.Did I tell you I finally opened a PO box? If you’ve ever wanted to write, my public address is:

Kimberly AH

PO Box 6693

River Forest IL 60305

Naoto has been checking the box for me once a week when he drops off my vintage postage for hand cancellation. Feel free to write! In other news, we had a Facetime happy hour with our friends in New Jersey and a Zoom happy hour with our local friends over the weekend. And we didn’t hold a formal book club this month, but a bunch of us got together on Zoom to chat and check in. I also celebrated my dad’s birthday with him over Zoom. If you haven’t used Facetime or Zoom (or whatever video conferencing method is your favorite) to meet up with friends or family, I highly recommend it! It’s not the same as in person, but it’s pretty darn good.

How are you holding up? Is your state or country practicing social distancing, or is this whole thing foreign to you? Any tips on getting through a day at home?

P.S. The postcard at the top is from La Familia Green accented with stickers from Mrs. Grossman’s.

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Dispatches from Home Part 2

You know I am taking social distancing seriously when I make my own coffee at home on a Sunday morning. Because Naoto works every Sunday (and he is the primary home coffee maker,) I usually take a stroll on those mornings and either grab a Dunkin or a Starbucks. But in an effort to keep my community safe, I decided it’s best to drink coffee at home for now. I drank the entire pot by myself. Presley was my coffee co-pilot.On Sunday night we played Rummy and had snacks. Naoto made this Smitten Kitchen cannellini bean appetizer. (I highly recommend it–so garlicky and cozy and we had what we needed in the pantry!) And we enjoyed some seasonal Irish cheese and some wine. I went to work on Monday and Tuesday this week to get some stuff settled for the congregation. I am not sure what my job is going to look like after this week. Some of my job can be done from home, but some can’t. Some of my job kind of goes away because regular business has ceased, so I can’t imagine needing to go in three times a week. But again, I’m not sure. I updated my calendar (pretty much just canceling everything since I’m not able to plan anything right now!) and wrote a few letters…I’m listening to a lot of NPR which is better than watching cable news I guess.Yesterday’s adventure was a stroll to the blue mailbox on the corner and learning of the first official diagnoses in our area. I’ve been journaling in my Travelers Notebook because I know these days will be fuzzy in the future and it will be interesting (someday!) to look back and see what was happening during these crazy times.And Happy Birthday to my dad!! We were supposed to see each other this week for our birthdays, but…we’ll have to celebrate another time. (This picture was taken at Costco earlier this month when we drove down to see my parents. I’m so glad we were able to have that time together before this whole thing started.)

How is everyone holding up? Are your closets cleaned out yet? I made my to-do list but haven’t checked anything off yet…typical! Take care, everyone!


Dispatches from Home Part 1

Well hello there! How’s everyone’s social distancing going? I am such a homebody, this is fitting right in with my lifestyle, but some people (not naming any names *cough*cough*) are already having a hard time staying home and they are wanting to go get a haircut, go to the gym, go out to dinner with friends, and run errands. I sent him outside for a run today while I caught up on Schitt’s Creek. I did leave the house today to go vote. I’m not sure it was the right decision because the early voting location was busy and the voting booths were crowded close together, but I was afraid I’d get sick or things would be more risky on Tuesday (our actual primary day in Illinois.) I’m going to try to use my time at home wisely (hello closet clean-out!) and try to treat myself to some little indulgences. We bought this yuzu jam in Japan so I made toast for breakfast. Toast is the best indulgence. Oh and I completed our Census questionnaire online. I didn’t want it to get lost on my desk, so I figured it was as good a time as any!

Tomorrow I hope to spend my day writing letters and playing around with my typewriters. And I want to work on my to-do list for while I am home a little more. (Though I am still working my regular schedule for now.) Oh and I have to finish my book for book club, which probably isn’t happening in person this month.

Are you doing anything fun or interesting while you are staying home?

I hope no matter where you are, you are taking care!

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