Dispatches from Home Part 4

migration goods, ugh bunnyHow are we doing? Hanging in there? I thought with being home, I’d be on top of blogging but it turns out, I’m not on top of anything really. Ok, I have been on top of my mail for the month…it’s turned out to be a nice distraction. This week I’m trying to get my desk back in order and I’m planning our Easter meal. Naoto has FOUR days off in a row this weekend, so I’m thrilled to be able to plan some fun meals with him and to have him home and safe for a few days. Some other things I’m thankful for:

  • Schitt’s Creek…This final season has been the balm to my soul.
  • friends, in town and faraway, who text, call, or send mail
  • Presley who insists on being a part of my workday. (Though she hasn’t made a zoom meeting appearance yet!)
  • daily rituals (NPR, coffee, tea, journaling, mail)
  • zoom happy hours with my parents

How do things look where you are?

P.S. The UGH Bunny is from Migration Goods. Doesn’t he just say it all?


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2 thoughts on “Dispatches from Home Part 4

  1. Erin N. says:

    I love that bunny sticker! Schitt’s Creek and NPR have special places in my heart these days too!

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