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Thanksgiving Invitations 2019

I sent out my Thanksgiving invitation yesterday, finally! I swear I start thinking of ideas for invitations on November 1st and I still wait til the last minute to execute any plans. I should know by now how quickly the end of the year flies. I can’t believe I haven’t used this quote from JFK before. I like it a lot. I layered the white invitation onto a fig colored card and picked a colorful envelope liner from my Galaxie Safari encyclopedia stash.

Now that the invitation is done, we need to clean the apartment and decide on the menu this weekend. We’re trying to find a new salad or lighter green vegetable to balance out the menu.

Have a good weekend and Godspeed at the grocery stores!

Happy Spring!

I know it’s been spring for awhile, but it’s just starting to feel like it around here. Today I’m going to brunch with some friends and maybe eating Easter dinner at home, depending on what Chef Naoto decides. And hopefully, I can catch up on some blog posts because it’s almost the end of National Card & Letter Writing Month and I still have mail things to share! Hoping it’s a lovely day where you’re at and cheers to a relaxing Sunday!

First Letter in April

My first incoming letter for National Card & Letter Writing Month was from my dad! We’re sharing these basil seeds to try this spring.

I am catching up on my own writing tonight after being sick the past few days. I have felt miserable and I’ve missed election parties, work, and meetings and I didn’t even feel well enough to write any letters until tonight so hopefully the tides are turning and I’ll be able to enjoy the warm weekend ahead.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week!

10 Years

Happy 10th Anniversary to my dear Naoto. Ten years is a huge milestone and every day is a new adventure. I’m feeling especially lucky today. XO 

The Neglected Blog 


Oh hi. I’m back. We took a vacation to Japan last month and re-entry into my home time zone has been a challenge. We got home on May 2 and I think I’m almost adjusted, but now my work and social calendars are keeping me from the blog. 

We had planned to go to Japan in the fall, but we found an amazing flight deal (It was less than a flight to San Francisco!) and decided that we had to go for it. I have zero regrets because the weather was beautiful almost every day and really, I could go to Japan every day, so not having to wait until fall was just fine with me.

This time we spent most of our time in Tokyo with a side trip to Hiroshima. Hiroshima was gorgeous and emotional and inspiring. I’m glad we finally went. I’d like to think we paved the way for President Obama’s trip later this month. 

I have so many pictures to share for our latest adventure and gardening season is starting up (even though it’s freezing here this week–literally! I had to cover my plants on Saturday because we had a frost warning!) so I will be back in this space soon with some posts. 

In the meantime, I’ll be reading my book club book and getting ready for a little party Peggy and I are hosting for Karen & Jackie’s birthdays this month! 

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

This picture is from Bunny Tales, a book from 1979 filled with Easter poems and stories.

Donut You Want To Be Mine?

I bought these donuts cards, named DoughNotes a few months ago at a local store, Pumpkin Moon. They are a Chronicle Books product, illustrated by Hannah Berman.

img_8424-1I was charmed by the sweet donut shapes and the waxed paper bag envelopes. They end up looking like the treats Naoto brings home from Stan’s Donuts. They are flat cards, so they are perfect for short hellos, thank you notes, thinking of you notes, orrrrrr…Valentines?

How is Letter Month going for you? So far, I’ve kept up with sending at least one letter, package, or postcard a day, although I almost missed Sunday and had to crawl out of bed to write a quick postcard–oops!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, but Chronicle is offering 30% off and free shipping with the code SMOOCHES. (Hey, I get their emails.)  Just in case you want some DoughNotes, too.




Happy Christmas 2015! 

  Happy Christmas from the Hasegawas! We hope you had a wonderful holiday! 

N, K, and P

Thrifted Treasures 3

vintage postal truck stamp holderThe last time I went thrifting with my parents, I scored a fun postal find–this postal truck stamp holder. I’ve been looking for a stamp holder for my roll of one cent bobcat stamps so I was thrilled when my mom found this in the kid’s section at Goodwill. vintage postal truck stamp holder, openThe stamps go in a little drawer in the back of the truck and there’s a little sponge in the front of the truck that pulls out so you could wet your stamps (back before they were stickers.) Sadly, in spite of what I’m showing above, the stamps don’t really fit. Because the truck was made for the rolls of perforated lickable stamps, the adhesive versions with their paper backing don’t fit in the truck. And the roll is too big, too. But I’m determined to make it work, so I cut off twenty stamps from the roll and trimmed the excess paper backing off the top and the bottom, rolled them back into a coil and made them fit! It’s a lame amount of work for a few stamps though. (But I’m not opposed.) 

I have a small collection of mail things and someday they will have a permanent home someplace in our apartment. Right now the truck is on my desk (along with a thousand other things) and it’s the last big thing that needs to be tidied and cleaned and decorated for Christmas. 

I will be back later this week with pictures of the tree…and hopefully the rest of the place if I can finish up a couple of paper projects. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

 Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!