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In My Mailbox: Masks

My pen pal Nic is at it again! If you remember, she sent me these fantastic mail coasters last year and this mail folder before that.

She and her mom have been making masks for their friends and family since they became a requirement in California and a “strong recommendation” everyplace else. She offered to make some for Naoto and me, which is amazing because Trader Joe’s finally allowed the staff to wear masks and we didn’t have time to come up with a good solution for him. On Monday, a package arrived full of these masks! They are the kind that tie for a perfect fit, and they have a little metal piece over the nose bridge so you can customize the fit on your face. They also have a pocket where you can pop in another layer for extra protection. She used fabric that reminded her of us. Above is a Japanese food and Hawaiian-inspired design. Of course Naoto chose to wear that one yesterday. Today he wore this cocktail one. cocktail face maskWe’re trying to save at least one for me to use if I have to leave the apartment for something before we wash the masks. postage stamp maskIt’s a toss up between postage stamps and Elvis! Elvis maskI really don’t leave the apartment much these days. I have to go into the office early next week, so I think I’ll save Elvis for that trip. In the meantime, Naoto will rotate these with his one store-issued mask and we’ll wash them as we go. Have you been making masks? I love seeing so many friends using up their fabric stashes for new masks. It’s been a tiny bright spot in this weird, new reality.

P.S. Nic also sent a book sleeve, which I will share when I do a long-overdue book post!

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Dispatches from Home Part 4

migration goods, ugh bunnyHow are we doing? Hanging in there? I thought with being home, I’d be on top of blogging but it turns out, I’m not on top of anything really. Ok, I have been on top of my mail for the month…it’s turned out to be a nice distraction. This week I’m trying to get my desk back in order and I’m planning our Easter meal. Naoto has FOUR days off in a row this weekend, so I’m thrilled to be able to plan some fun meals with him and to have him home and safe for a few days. Some other things I’m thankful for:

  • Schitt’s Creek…This final season has been the balm to my soul.
  • friends, in town and faraway, who text, call, or send mail
  • Presley who insists on being a part of my workday. (Though she hasn’t made a zoom meeting appearance yet!)
  • daily rituals (NPR, coffee, tea, journaling, mail)
  • zoom happy hours with my parents

How do things look where you are?

P.S. The UGH Bunny is from Migration Goods. Doesn’t he just say it all?


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