It’s 2014

2014 Toast Adami ProseccoHappy 2014!

Our New Years Eve was just about perfect–Karen, Naoto, me…Manhattans and steaks at Golden Steer, wine and sweets at home, and an Adami Prosecco toast at midnight…snow by Golden Steer

It snowed in Chicago, making for the perfect wintry backdrop to the festivities. In fact, it’s pretty much been snowing since New Year’s Eve, making for a quiet start to 2014. presley watches law & orderAll we did on January 1st was watch Law & Order…it’s kind of a tradition on New Year’s Day to get sucked into TV marathons and Law & Order is our favorite. I should be embarrassed to admit that I watched from 9AM (January 1) until 2AM (January 2), but I also hung up my new calendar and wrote out a few New Year cards, so we’ll call that a productive first day of 2014.

Today, I’m putting Christmas away and trying to get organized for real…a constant battle around here.

I hope your new year has been equally fantastic.

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4 thoughts on “It’s 2014

  1. cath says:

    Happy – a little belated New Year- Kimberly. No snow over here though, a very mild 10C is unusual for us too.

    • kimberly ah says:

      Lucky Netherlands weather! It’s supposed to be THIRTY BELOW in Chicago this week and we are currently suffering from snowstorms! Brrrrr!

      • cath says:

        Your lovely vintage Christmascard arrived this afternoon. One to keep. Thank you so much. 30 below sounds absolutely horrible, layer upon layer upon layer I suppose when venturing outside?

  2. […] at the Golden Steer. Each year, the crowd has grown. Two years ago, it was just Naoto and me. Last year, we added Karen to the mix. This year, along with Karen, we added four more people–our […]

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