adami prosecco

Naoto came home last Friday night with some flowers and this Adami Prosecco. We knew there was a prosecco out there that shared my name, we just didn’t realize it would be so easy to find! I am over the moon about it, too. It’s fun finding things that share your name, and it’s even better when they are festive and bubbly and delicious!

We waited until Labor Day to drink it and we invited our neighbor Karen over to share in the festivities. We broke out some cheese and crackers and made a meal out of it.

The flowers were lovely, too…

I might be just a little bit spoiled…

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5 thoughts on “adami prosecco

  1. Mom says:

    WOW! Quite a celebration. Glad you enjoyed the Adami Prosecco. Flowers are pretty.

  2. Hubby says:

    …and it’s really a good prosecco.

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