Plot #6: Back to the Jungle

plot 6 from the north endI failed again this year to make my garden neat and tidy. It’s a jungle again. I feel like the tomatoes are more disorderly than ever and the cucumbers…well, let’s just say not thinning them out early on has created a tangle of rebellious vines that will not take the hint to stay in the plot. tiny edamame, plot 6But, growing in the jungle are teeny, tiny edamame…tiny green bean, plot 6…and the beginnings of a strong crop of green beans. huge daikon, plot 6 The daikon are almost done, but I pulled this huge guy last week and Naoto enjoyed it on Sunday night. first tomato of 2015, plot 6And I picked our first red tomato! It was a Sweet 100 and I shared it with Naoto. It was so sweet and juicy! I hope there are hundreds more in our future!

So far, we’ve harvested almost 15 ounces in radishes, peas, tomatoes, and lettuces. It’s just the beginning!

I hope to have some balcony* garden pictures next week. Some of my vining plants are finally starting to bloom and I think it’s my best summer out there yet!

How is your garden growing?

*I’ve begun calling the balcony the lanai as a nod to the Golden Girls.

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4 thoughts on “Plot #6: Back to the Jungle

  1. Mom says:

    Everything is looking nice & green. Hope you do get more crops soon. Sharing 1 small tomato is really a tease. With all this rain, glad to see all is doing well. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your flowers on the “lanai”

  2. Cindy R. says:

    I live in Florida so I have a lanai too 🙂

  3. […] are continuing the tomato jungle tradition at the house… Everything was fine at first. I was even removing lower branches and […]

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