First-Day-Of-School Pencil Pack

pencil gift, first day of school, CW Pencil enterprises, folded chopstick holder, pencil paperKaren started a new job last week teaching a class at University of Illinois at Chicago. We wanted to give Professor Karen (I’m sure her students call her something more formal.) a little good luck gift to send her off on her first day.Frixion pens, Japanese pens, CW Pencils, editing pencil, highlighter pencil, combo pencil, pencilsLike me, Karen loves Frixion pens, so I pulled a .05 from the “Japanese vault” and added it with a couple of pencils from C.W. Pencils. The Editor looked like a perfect pencil for grading and planning. (Are papers still graded on…paper?) And the Graphite/Highlighter combo seemed perfect for planning and note taking.  I folded a little origami pencil holder for them out of my new favorite pencil paper. I’ll post a quick tutorial for the pencil holder next week. It’s so easy and they have so many uses! (They’re actually chopstick holders!)

P.S. Thinking of our friends (and family!) in Florida and the Carolinas this weekend as another hurricane heads for the US. The devastation on the islands in the Atlantic is just heartbreaking. And still thinking of our friends in Texas who are cleaning up after last month’s hurricane.

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6 thoughts on “First-Day-Of-School Pencil Pack

  1. Donna Adami says:

    What a thoughtful gift. Love the pencil holder! I am sure Karen will find them useful & will enjoy using them all year with a smile on her face.
    Know our thoughts are with all during all of this devastation.

  2. Karen says:

    It was so fun to find this perfect back-to-school package outside my door on the first day of class! I LOVE school supplies, especially Frixion pens! Sadly, papers are graded online now :-(. But I might just print up the papers from my students so I can grade them “old school” with my fabulous new pencils!
    Thank you KAH for the thoughtful gift! And have a great school year everyone!

    And to all those in the path of the storms as well as the fires out west, be safe😊

  3. Cindy R. says:

    Very cute gift! I thought that was fabric at first, not paper. Wouldn’t it make a great print for a bookbag?

    Trying not to be overly anxious here in Florida. The projected path keeps changing. The waiting is agonizing. But we took the warnings seriously and are as prepared as possible. Hope everyone comes through safely!

    • kimberly ah says:

      Cindy! I just looked on the map yesterday to see where you were in relation to the path. Sounds like no one in the state is “safe” now. Glad to hear you’re prepared. We’ll be thinking of you! I also jus got your letter yesterday so I’ll work on sending you one back next week–hopefully the post office will still be running!

  4. Susan says:


    Please don’t forget to post a tutorial for the pencil holder. I ran out to Paper Source and bought the pencil paper as soon as I saw your post. Am looking forward to making pencil holders for my schoolteacher friends. Thanks! Susan

  5. […] too thick to fold well. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!)  When I made Karen’s pencil holder, I used a lokta paper and I’ve used Japanese washi as well. Both of those fold beautifully. […]

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