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GalaxieSafari, greetings from Oak Park, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park Vistor's Center, vintage postage, Illinois stampA couple weeks ago, I got some really exciting news. In August I applied to be featured as a local artist in the Oak Park Visitor’s Center shop. Oak Park has a great tourism industry. People from all over the world come to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home & Studio, Unity Temple, and other homes. Oak Park is also the childhood home of Ernest Hemingway (and Betty White!) and there are all sorts of quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants in town. The visitor’s center gift shop is fantastic, filled with Chicago and Oak Park themed items, and many things that are made by local artists.

GalaxieSafari, Frank Lloyd Wright postage stamp, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park Vistor's Center, Frank Lloyd Wright, chicago architectureAnd now…a few Galaxie Safari cards will be in the shop! I submitted three Oak Park and Illinois specific designs and they accepted them! I will also be featuring some boxed holiday cards for the season.GalaxieSafari, Abe Lincoln, Honest Abe, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park Vistor's CenterSince I won’t be standing in the shop telling people that my cards are all typed on vintage typewriters and that I use real cancelled postage stamps and line the envelopes with pages from old encyclopedias, I’m having a stamp made for the back of the cards to explain those details. Most of the cards at the shop are mass printed, so I’m hoping some locals and visitors will appreciate something that’s made entirely by hand.

GalaxieSafari,World's Fair 1933 postage stamp, Oak Park, Illinois, Oak Park Vistor's Center, My Kind of Town, Chicago World's Fair, chicago architectureI feel like I’ve been in a bit of a lull with my shop this summer, but I have been sourcing some new stamps to work with and I have a bunch of new cards (including Halloween and holiday) that will be ready soon. I’ll share more soon and I’ll be back later this week with my promised origami tutorial!

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5 thoughts on “Galaxie Safari News

  1. Donna Adami says:

    How exciting!! What a honor. Congratulations!!

  2. Cindy R. says:

    Wow! Very cool! Happy for you!

  3. Amara says:

    Yay! Perfect showcase for your clever & lovely artistry ❀
    Entirely handmade, using vintage materials & equipment, is such a winner of a selling point… it may be hard to keep up with the demand. To that end…
    I live in Phoenix where FLW established his winter home & Taliessen West School of Architecture, and where he designed & built several structures (there is an opera house, a spire, his school's campus, his son's home, a major hotel he collaborated on, etc.)… perhaps you should offer the school some of your FLW designs… I'm sure they'll want your cards – made in his hometown no less – too; He turned the BIG 150yo this year… lots of interest in him here! Just saying', I'd hate for you to get bored πŸ˜‰

    You go girl!

  4. Jackie says:

    Great news and a perfect fit for your beautiful cards! Congratulations!

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