Our Thanksgiving 2014

thanksgiving table 2014, centerpieceAnother Thanksgiving is in the books and the world (and our apartment) is moving on to Christmas. As usual, Naoto whipped up a delicious meal and my mom made a yummy spiced apple cheesecake for dessert. thanksgiving table 2014, table setting, yellow owl workshop placecard stampI wasn’t feeling especially inspired, so I set a simple table this year. I crafted a “centerpiece” from a turkey on a stack of books and some candles, similar to last year’s table. I used some thrifted paper turkey napkin rings and I made place cards with my Yellow Owl Workshop place card stamp. yellow owl workshop place card activity kit, thanksgiving placards, embossedI embossed the stamp in copper and typed our names. Simple…and with a table of four, it is really important that everyone can find a spot at the table! thanksgiving 2014, my mealIt was a delicious, relaxing day…I feel like Thanksgiving is the end of the calm part of the year, maybe that’s why it’s my favorite.

How was your holiday weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving 2014

  1. lalumii says:

    You weren’t feeling inspired but you still have the cutest Thanksgiving table I’ve ever seen… maybe I should be as uninspired as you some time!

    • kimberly ah says:

      Thanks! I guess it just doesn’t compare to one of Martha Stewart’s centerpieces or Sandra Dee’s “tablescapes” so it feels sort of “unblogworthy”…silly, I know 😉

      • lalumii says:

        There’s no need to compare, haha! Even Martha Stewart gets help from photographers and professionals… you did that on your own and it looks sweet and homey! 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    You two are a great team! A lovely table and a lovely meal.

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