Dinner Party 1 & a Sweet Hostess Gift

dinner party one, tonkatsuLast Saturday, we hosted the first dinner party of the year. I invited my book club friend Peggy and her husband over for Naoto’s tonkatsu. It was a fun night, filled with tasty cocktails (which I will be sharing next week), delicious food and of course good company. The dinner party made me wonder why we don’t entertain more often…I’m thinking I might need to increase my dinner party goal for the year–three seems so few now. This time we kept things simple, because last week got a little crazy for us. Hopefully over the course of the year, we can fancy the dinners and the tables up a bit…you know, stretch the goal.
hostess gifts
Much to my surprise, Peggy brought me a hostess gift! Of course, hostess gifts are unnecessary but I was completely delighted with Peggy’s thoughtfulness. She found this vintage martini pitcher and vintage relish dish–be still my heart!vintage martini pitcherThe martini pitcher is heavy and has its own glass stirrer with a frosted ball on top. It has a lip that holds the ice in during pouring, too…things were so practical back in the day! Tonight, I’m going to whip up some martinis for Hasegawa Happy Hour and use it for the first time. vintage relish dishThe divided relish dish is so sweet. There are pictures of celery (the large section), olives and pickles (the two smaller sections) etched into the glass. I don’t have any pretty relish dishes, so I know this is going to get a lot of use. Whether it’s just Hasegawa Happy Hour for two or a larger gathering, pickles and olives and yes, even celery are going to be making more classy appearances around here.

Thank you, Peggy, for being such a thoughtful and fun guest. You must come back soon for an Aviation cocktail (and maybe some more lychee cocktails, too!) 


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