2014 Goals & Intentions

2014 Goals & IntentionsA little late to the resolution party around here…

On Saturday afternoon (my first free Saturday afternoon since the beginning of November) I sat down on the floor with the typewriter and the cat and hammered out my 2014 dreams…I say dreams because I’m the worst at resolutions. The. Worst. But a fresh new year is not a fresh new year for nothing…so why not resolve to do better?

*Spend Out: continuing from 2013

*return mail within 1 week: I fell off the mail wagon at the end of last year…I’d like to be better about responding more quickly and a week is doable without taking the fun out of it for me. I’m also planning to participate in Letter Month again this year.

*Hasegawa Happy Hour: Inspired by this post on Gina Sekelsky’s blog, I decided that Thursday nights–the only weeknight Naoto and I are home together–would begin with a happy hour. I”m not going to kill myself creating a new cocktail and snack every week, but I’d like to use the Hasegawa Happy Hour to try new snack recipes, to try new cocktail recipes and to connect with my husband (and our friends…because some weeks will have to include special guests.) And, because I’m still coaster happy, I’m dreaming of some special Hasegawa Happy Hour coasters.

*screen-free afternoons: This is a big one. I spend waaaay too much on the computer, on my phone and watching TV (or just having the TV on in the background). My goal is to spend at least two hours a day doing something non-screen related. Whether it’s reading, cooking, creating or writing a letter…no screens will be distracting me. (And napping doesn’t count as screen-free time.)

*schedule & routine: I am the worst about keeping a routine. I haven’t had a real routine since high school because my college schedule was a crazy mix of school, work and residence life stuff, my old job had a really varied schedule and now no two weeks are alike. But I need some discipline regarding going to the gym, cooking better meals for myself and for Naoto and getting the cleaning done.

*plant another garden: Why not?

*make bread: My dad gave me a bread recipe a long, long time ago…it’s time to pull it out and try my hand at bread making. I think it’s going to be another Homemaker’s Challenge.

*host 3 dinner parties: Just because.

*finish decorating the apartment: Waiting for the perfect furniture is one thing, but knowing what I want, saving up money for it and then not going out and getting it is inexcusable…

*more Chicago adventures: We tried to go to Eataly with our friends a few weeks ago. Eataly was a disaster but we had such a great time eating at Xoco and bar hopping. It reminded me that we need to explore more of our own backyard.

*take 3 vacations: We are planning another trip to Japan (sooner than later) and I’m heading to Ex Postal Facto in February. I really want our third vacation to be a road trip to DC (to see the National Postal Museum)…I’m still negotiating with Naoto.

*create a zine: This has been on my list for too many years. The idea is there, the time is there…no excuses.

*PLAY not perfection: I get too wrapped up in doing things well the first time. When I went to the printmaking class at the library last year, I threw it all out the window. I didn’t care if other people had more amazing carvings than I did. I didn’t care if my block was perfect. I didn’t care if I caught on right away. And I had so much fun. I want to remember that feeling this year as I try new things and experiment with old things.

I hole punched my goals and placed them front and center in my Franklin Planner. (Isn’t that Olle Eksell washi tape along the bottom perfect? It was my favorite find in Japan last summer.)

Are you a resolution maker? Any big dreams for 2014?

13 thoughts on “2014 Goals & Intentions

  1. Gina says:

    Love the idea of screen free afternoons! Last May, I unexpectedly lost the wifi at my studio — and with summer on the way (=more family time/less studio time), I decided to just forego resolving it until the fall. I got really good at consolidating my internet work at home in the morning, then working analog from the studio for the better part of the day. Alas, getting the internet back a few months ago has me slipping into my old bad habits. (But surely, reading your blog post in the afternoon doesn’t count, right?)

  2. cath says:

    I admire your plans for the year and am looking forward to see your zine, hoping you will share some of the making process too. I haven’t made plans, but I did select a word for the year : balance. That word alone will keep me fairly busy I expect, still much to achieve there.

  3. treshiz says:

    Read all this, love all this (esp. “Spend Out”), and now I can hold you accountable at work. 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    I made a goal list for 2014 but reading yours makes me want to update it and add some things!
    Baking bread is something I’ve also always wanted to do but has really intimidated me for some reason. Let’s live tweet synchronized bread making.

  5. Great goals! And I hope you do come to DC sometime this year. 🙂

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    And depending on the when, we may have extra guest space for the huge sum of FREE. See if that can’t convince Naoto. 😉

  8. […] Saturday, we hosted the first dinner party of the year. I invited my book club friend Peggy and her husband over for Naoto’s tonkatsu. […]

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  11. […] New Year! I spent a bit of time yesterday reflecting on how much I failed at my intentions from 2014. Maybe I’ll talk about it on an upcoming blog post, but most likely, I’ll […]

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