Screen-Free Afternoons

cat napsSo far this year, the most difficult “intention” for me has been Screen-Free Afternoons. And truthfully, it’s probably the most important intention. Stepping away from technology and focusing on making things and finishing things and doing things leads to all of my other intentions.

Because of Screen-Free Afternoons, I’m turning off the TV a little bit earlier in the day or not turning it on at all. The TODAY show is a bad addiction. I feel much better when I listen to NPR and work at my desk in the mornings, but somehow the TODAY show seems to win too often. And when it’s on, I’m less productive not just in the mornings, but for the whole day. I found kind of a nice groove by the end of January and into February, but after Ex Postal Facto, I kind of lost steam. In March, I’ve refocused and tried harder. Usually around one o’clock, I turn off the TV (if it’s still on) and step away from the computer, the iPad and the iPhone for two hours. I usually put a podcast or music on and get to work. On the days that feel most successful, I have “scheduled” a project to work on. So far, I’ve finished a few back-burner craft projects, written a few letters, cleaned a couple of closets and read. Reading is a slippery slope though…it often leads to napping, especially after lunch!

I’m already starting my post-vacation list of Screen-Free Afternoons. I need to focus on getting some housework done this spring so I can focus on getting outside on the balcony and in the garden plot when it warms up.

How are your goals for 2014 coming along? I plan to do a complete “first quarter” update of mine in April.

One thought on “Screen-Free Afternoons

  1. Chris says:

    I like the idea of screen free afternoons – we should try that in our house.

    The killer is I wish Spring would arrive so we could get outside more readily. We had 3″ of snow last night so there’s no hope in sight. We have taken to getting Saturday projects done – clean out the linen closet last week…laundry room next week…

    Thanks for the good idea.

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