Blush & Gold Gift

birthday gift packagingMy mom’s birthday was in October. We got her a gift card (booooring!) and I picked up a pretty handkerchief for her in Japan. Such a tiny gift deserved a pretty package, so I whipped up a little decorated paper bag for her present. I love packaging things for my mom because she takes time to notice the little details. It’s a fun way to celebrate the special mom that she is. packaging supplies, Rifle labels, MT washi tapeI started with a little flat kraft bag and layered on anything blush and gold from my craft cupboard (aka the hardware cabinet TV stand–those drawers are awfully handy!). I always have a variety of supplies on hand for mail art, scrapbooking and other projects, so once I collected everything I needed, putting the gift bag together only took about five minutes. It was a happy accident that the pink label fit perfectly on the doily…once that happened, I cruised along layering each piece. I cheered when I discovered that my favorite glue pen was strong enough to hold the tiny gold sequins. (I see more sequins in my future.) I finished off the gift with a little piece of washi tape on the back. Quick and simple. Now if only I could get my act together to fancy up the pile of Christmas gifts…

Supplies used: kraft bags, doilies, peach & gold washi tape, vintage sequins, Rifle labels (these are my favorites!), kraft flags, Quickie glue pen, Souffle pen (not shown), flair button (not shown in supply picture, but shown on package picture). 

P.S. Thanks, Mary, for inviting me to the Celebration Link-Up!

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4 thoughts on “Blush & Gold Gift

  1. uncustomaryart says:

    Beautiful packaging, Kimberly! Thanks so much for participating. “I see more sequins in my future” is the best thing I’ve heard today!

  2. Mom says:

    It was a very beautiful gift wrapping! Know you always take time to make day special.

  3. naoto says:

    Love that creative card!! I expect a good one for my 40th! TEEHEE

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