Postcard Race–The Results

eggagogo cats in clothes postcardsThe Postcard Race results are in*!!!

Based on my limited testing (six attempts to get some sort of consensus), there really is no rhyme or reason to explain delivery differences between postcards and letters or first class stamps and postcard stamps. I mailed everything from blue boxes in my neighborhood. letter ledger, postcard race documentation

Pictured above is how I documented the races. I used my Letter Ledger and wrote which mail was sent and when. My recipients tweeted to me (or, in my parents’s case, called me) when they got their mail so I could document the results (in the “items to note” section).

I should have known there wouldn’t be any clear results based on my first race. I sent Melissa in DC two postcards, one with a first-class stamp and one with a postcard stamp. The first class stamped card arrived two days after the postcard stamped card. This hurt the theory that first-class stamps move postcards more quickly.

But then, I sent Danielle in Tacoma, WA two postcards (one stamped with a first-class stamp, one with a postcard stamp) and a letter (stamped with a first class stamp + 21 cent stamp because it was a rigid envelope) on the same day. The letter arrived two days before the postcards did. I thought maybe we were onto something based on the theory that letters travel faster than postcards, but further testing proved it all wrong.

I was less surprised by the results of the races sent within Illinois. Both Katie (in Wheaton) and my parents (in Washburn) received their mailings on the same day, which I kind of figured since they didn’t have far to travel. (Weirdly enough though, it took the mail just as long to travel 130 miles as it did to travel 20 miles.)

postcard race + mailman stampIn a last-ditch effort to see if I could get any sort of real result, I sent a letter and a postcard to Ryan in Stanford, CA and a letter and a postcard to Carolee in San Francisco. They both received their mailings on the same day, too.

I wonder if the results were skewed by location…is mail delivery affected by sorting facility locations or the amount of mail a post office receives? After our next Post Office Advisory Council meeting, I’m going to ask the experts if there is any truth to the rumors that letters travel faster than postcards, or first class stamps move mail faster than postcard stamps. I will report back again!

Are you doing any fun postal experiments? I’m still plugging away at the Write On challenge this month. I won’t be sharing my mail here, but I’m sharing it almost daily on Instagram!


*If you are new here, follow the link to the original post, otherwise this post might not make any sense!

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