Our Hardware Cabinet Finds Its Home


Last week we finally bought our first grown-up TV. Actually this is the first television purchase for either one of us–both Naoto & I have lived on TV hand-me-downs (and my gifted college TV from this post) our whole lives. When I met Naoto, his TV was so old, it didn’t even have a remote control and mine was my parent’s old set that worked perfectly, except it occasionally made this sizzling noise. It was slightly alarming, but harmless, until one day, it sizzled out in the middle of a thrilling Law & Order episode. Sad. (Confession: We hopped in my car and sped over to Naoto’s apartment to finish the episode.)

We finally got everything set up with HD and all that fancy stuff (clearly, I have no idea what I’m talking about here) and here it is! And we are so excited that it fit on our vintage hardware cabinet from Yearbook. Even the HD cable box tucks nicely to the side! (Sidenote: Do you remember this Friends episode where Rachel randomly wears her old cheerleader uniform to woo Joshua?)

I love our little hardware drawers. Most of them are still labeled with the contents of each drawer. I have a vintage Dymo label maker, so I might break it out for the drawers that have lost their identification. But I’m keeping the original old labels on the others.


I still need to vacuum out the drawers and decide what we are putting in them (any suggestions?), but for now, we are really happy with our impulse furniture purchase.

P.S. I tried to wipe off the stuff on the bottom drawers, but it seems to be more permanent than dirt…just so you don’t think I didn’t try.

P.S. (Part 2) Thanks for all of the hair love last week! Every comment made me smile!

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6 thoughts on “Our Hardware Cabinet Finds Its Home

  1. Oh sweet mercy where did you find that catalogue cabinet!!! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for one forever.

    • kimberly ah says:

      Hi Alex!
      Thanks! We found it at a local vintage store, Yearbook (linked in the post). It was a lucky find and just beat up & industrial enough to be perfect for us 🙂

  2. Perfect blend of old and new! And yes, great Friends episode. Made even better by the look on Rachel’s face!

  3. Mom says:

    Bet you are excited! Everything fits together real well. Enjoy.

  4. dMarie725 says:

    I love it, Kim (the furniture from Yearbook AND the grown up TV)!

  5. […] a little flat kraft bag and layered on anything blush and gold from my craft cupboard (aka the hardware cabinet TV stand–those drawers are awfully handy!). I always have a variety of supplies on hand for mail art, […]

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