Community Garden Progressive Dinner

IMG_2841On Saturday night, the community garden board hosted a progressive dinner for all of the gardeners in the Forest Park Community Garden. Naoto and I had a really fun time getting to know all of our fellow gardeners. We’ve decided that gardeners might just be the nicest group of people around (gardeners and letter writers, for sure!)

We all met at Amelia’s for a drink and then we walked to Bambi’s house for tapas and mojitos. We could have ended the night here…there was so much food! At Gina’s house, we enjoyed grilled pizzas and sangria. Naoto and I brought basil from the community garden planters and from our balcony and Gina made a magical tomato, basil & mozzarella pizza with it. At Michelle’s house, we enjoyed dessert–a homemade plum clafouti and an ice cream pie (generously donated by Brown Cow!) Every step of the evening was just perfect, and even an unexpected rain shower didn’t spoil our festivities!

Have you ever done a progressive dinner? This was our first one and it was loads of fun, especially for a group who was just getting to know each other. Walking from house to house gave us an opportunity to mingle with more people, either on the walk or in a different seating arrangement at each house. I think it just might be the most ideal way to break the ice with a group of new people.

Thanks for a great evening, fellow gardeners! IMG_2839

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4 thoughts on “Community Garden Progressive Dinner

  1. Holly F. says:

    Every Christmas, my parents put together a progressive dinner with other families from our church—I loved it and considered it a warm & fuzzy tradition. I also went on a TON of “progressive dinner” fast food dates: hors d’oeuvres at KFC, salad at McDonald’s, entree at Burger King, and dessert at Dairy Queen. Being a teenager is fun and silly.

    • kimberly ah says:

      What a great tradition! I have warm fuzzies just thinking about little Holly traveling with her family to all those houses 🙂 And, hmmm…I think I might have to try a fast food progressive dinner! What a brilliant idea–think I’m too old to pull it off?

  2. […] just getting started. We picked our red Juliet tomato on Saturday afternoon before heading to the progressive dinner. We sliced it in two and toasted our first home-grown tomato. The peas were a little bit of a […]

  3. […] weekend, we went to a grilled pizza event. We all loved the grilled pizzas from the progressive dinner so the garden held another event to teach everyone how to make them. Michelle and Andrew basically […]

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