Garden Update: We Have a Red Tomato!

IMG_2800Randomly, it’s the only one…all the others are green as green can be.

But this little red tomato gives me hope that maybe, just maybe we will have a tomato crop yet! IMG_2808It’s hard to see up there, but our tiny pepper plant, dwarfed by the tomato giants, has four tiny peppers on it. And, I’ve spotted a few peas and a few limas…we still need to finish conquering the wild west portion of the garden before I can really see what’s going on though. It has been hot, hot, HOT here all week, so gardening has consisted of weeding and watering as the sun goes down.

Tomorrow night, we are going to a progressive dinner hosted by the board of our community garden. Naoto and I have met some super-nice people in the garden and we are looking forward to hanging out with everyone outside of the garden (and of course talking about gardening!)

Yay for the weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Garden Update: We Have a Red Tomato!

  1. naoto says:

    I fee good about our tomatoes!

  2. maryhassound says:

    “Tomato crop” is fun to say.

  3. Mom says:

    Nice! Who gets to eat it? Ours is starting to turn. Have a window sill full. Have fun!

  4. Chris says:

    Nice tomato. We have a yellow one that will be red someday in theory. I can see it from the bedroom window….mocking me.

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