Muji Checklist Stamp=More Procrastination FUN!



I’ve had the Muji Checklist Stamp on my wish list for quite awhile now. Since Naoto ordered the Tokyo-in-a-Bag for my birthday, he added the stamp to his order as a little gift from Presley. (She is so thoughtful!)



I’m using it to stamp tiny to-do lists onto my daily calendar…probably slightly redundant (I could easily just list my to-dos instead of having the little checkboxes) but fun nonetheless! I like that there are only four lines because it keeps me focused on four important things rather that flailing around and starting a dozen things and finishing none. Of course, I could always stamp a few lists for those days of over-ambition.



I also love that the stamp comes in an acrylic case, so I can carry it around in my bag and stamp my to-do list on the go!

Now I’m ready to check “blog post” off and move onto another task!

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6 thoughts on “Muji Checklist Stamp=More Procrastination FUN!

  1. What a great stamp! Small Object has a similar stamp, so now I’ll have to make a decision…

    Regarding procrastination:

  2. Presley says:

    I am glad you enjoyed your gift, mommy…

  3. Mom says:

    Oh, What fun!!

  4. maryhassound says:

    Oh that’s super cute. When I write my to do lists I just draw my own boxes, but I want one of these.

  5. cath says:

    Oh Kimberly you shouldn’t have shown this, now I have Muji Checklist Stamp Envy 😉

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