Tokyo-in-a-Bag & Birthday Pie


I’m a child inside. Tokyo in a Bag–the wooden play set you see above–has been on my wishlist for awhile now. Naoto and Presley gave it to me for my birthday. So far, each time I’ve built Tokyo, Presley has decided to play the role of Godzilla–she knocks everything over and tries to scurry off with a car. It’s great fun really.


We spent my birthday recovering from Fondue Fun Night and watching the snow fall. But on Monday night, Naoto took me out to the Little Goat Diner for my “birthday” dinner. I’ve been dreaming about the pie and the coffee ever since we tried the Little Goat during the Week of Indulgence, so there was no question where we’d be dining for my birthday. (That’s my latte above, next to Naoto’s chocolate malt. There was plenty for him to choose from on the menu!)


I got the Bull’s Eye French Toast–sweet onion brioche with eggs cooked inside, topped with crispy fried chicken and gooseberries smothered in BBQ maple syrup…ohmygoodness it was delicious. Super-rich. If I got it again, I’d share it and get the syrup on the side…but no regrets here! Unfortunately, I could not eat my pie again!! I had to get it to go, and this time we made sure I didn’t forget it on the table.


Once we got home, I was ready for pie. I ate half of it right away and saved the other half for a 3AM snack.

(It’s a lovely experience to dream of pie and then actually wake up and eat it!)


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4 thoughts on “Tokyo-in-a-Bag & Birthday Pie

  1. cath says:

    Both the wooden Tokyo and the dinner look absolutely gorgeous. Hadn’t realised a blogpost could make me hungry ;).

  2. Mom says:

    Glad you had a special birthday! Tokyo-in-a- Bag looks very interesting.

  3. […] had the Muji Checklist Stamp on my wish list for quite awhile now. Since Naoto ordered the Tokyo-in-a-Bag for my birthday, he added the stamp to his order as a little gift from Presley. (She is so […]

  4. […] We ordered the Smoke Fries…and I don’t think I will ever NOT order the Smoke Fries in all future visits. They were skinny and perfectly crisp and savory…my idea of the perfect fry. (My passion for these fries will now rival my love for the pie.) […]

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