Packing for a Letter Social


On Saturday, the Letter Writers Alliance is hosting yet another letter social and this time, it’s right in my neighborhood (sort of) at Pieritz Brothers in Oak Park! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I lived a mere three blocks from Pieritz for two years (eleven years ago!) and I’ve only been in the store a handful of times. It is a Chicagoland treasure, and I plan to make up for my absence this year!

I’m packing my letter writing bag for the social and I thought I’d share what supplies I bring along to a letter social. Of course, you really just need a pen and paper and a letter recipient in mind, but I like to bring a few extras to spice up the mail experience.

Every time I go, I take a slightly different variety of things. For instance, in March, since the social happened just before St. Patrick’s Day, I brought a bunch of green stuff–shamrock stickers, tapes, pens and labels. This month, I’m going with more of a spring variety. I keep everything in separate little bags so I can take out what I need as I work and I’m not spreading out all over the table and taking up too much space. I have my pencil bag, a pouch for supplies and an air mail pouch for my stationery and letters.


In my pencil bag, I always carry a few different pen styles. This time, I have my favorite Pilot Frixions, my Pilot Varsity and a Le Pen or two. I’m very moody about what I write with, so I like to have a few options to choose from. I also carry a tiny stapler and tiny scissors along with a tape runner and a glue pen in the bag just in case I want to add mail art bits to the envelope.


In my little red cat pouch, I carry a small variety of rubber stamps, washi tapes and one ink pad. I usually have a color scheme to work from–this time it’s mainly pinks and blues and yellows for spring.


Finally, in my Air Mail pouch, I carry the rest of the mail essentials: letters to be returned, postage stamps, labels and stickers, my Letter Ledger (to track my outgoing letters), a few business cards (in case I meet someone new!), my mini address book, and paper and envelopes. This month I have spring flower postage–the cherry blossoms and Lady Bird Johnsons–along with some spring-colored labels and chick stickers.

Donovan & Kathy always offer a nice supply of paper, envelopes, rubber stamps, inks, washi tapes, pens, typewriters and even have postage on hand, but I like to bring some of my own things because there is no shortage of paper around here and because I enjoy theme-y stacks of mail.

Did I miss anything? Would you take more, or would you just show up with a pen ready to go?

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5 thoughts on “Packing for a Letter Social

  1. Shannan says:

    I so wish I didn’t live so far away from stuff like this! I would love to go to a letter writing social. It looks like you have everything you need! I love the spring colors.

    • kimberly ah says:

      Yes, I’m very lucky to live so close to LWA HQ 🙂 you should plan a little road trip up here sometime and attend! Or host one in your town!

      • Shannan says:

        I really should make a road trip! My town is way, way too small to host anything like that. I’ll just have to come to you guys! 🙂

  2. maryhassound says:

    Oooh, have a great time! Wish I could come 🙂

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