My Edgar Allan Poe Paper Playset


Happy Halloween! It is definitely going to be a scary one! The winds this week, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, are whipping all of the leaves off the tress, leaving behind creepy bare branches. And the full moon has been shining through mists of clouds, and the filtered light is sifting through the branches painting spooky shadows on our walls. Between the shadows and the crazy flying leaves, Presley is going a little crazy around here.

So far to get into the Halloween spirit, I read some Poe (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue” for book group and “Ligeia” upon Cath’s recommendation), Naoto & I made dinner in our new dutch oven (I’ll blog about it soon!) and drank a bottle of Darkhorse wine, I watched a round of Roseanne‘s Halloween episodes (best TV ever!), we watched The Shining (It’s so scary to me…and to Naoto, too!) and I built my Edgar Allan Poe Play set (pictured above)…oh, and I also painted my nails with glow-in-the-dark polish. They are really not fun unless I’m in a very dark room…

But back to the Poe paper doll. A few years ago Naoto bought me this Edgar Allan Poe paper play set from Lisa Perrin. On Tuesday (proof that it takes me awhile to get around to things around here) I cut out the figures (using my favorite Kai scissors!) and assembled the play set. Isn’t it great?! I love that Poe is wearing bunny slippers! I’m looking forward to breaking this out again in January, for Poe’s birthday (January 19th).

What are your plans for Halloween? Any spooky movies or stories in your day? Are you dressing up? (I’m not…)

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3 thoughts on “My Edgar Allan Poe Paper Playset

  1. So great! Anna is a big fan of Mr. Poe, and usually saves him for Halloween night reading. (While I’m up watching Mad Monster Party…a classic!)

    Have a very happy, spooky Halloween! And thank you for the adorable card!

  2. cath says:

    This afternoon I finished Ligeia too, just a bit spookier than The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which was my first encounter with the genre last week. Mr. Poe looks far less scary than I thought he’d be. No spooky movies for me though. I need my sleep.

  3. […] I wish I could say that those postcards pictured above were just a few I’ve sent out this month, but truthfully…I’ve only written one (which still needs to be dropped in the mail!) The three postcards above are from Yuki, Katie and Lisa. Yuki and I have been exchanging postcards since this summer. Her card has an amazing stamp–you can see it on Instagram here. Katie is using 31 Postcards to practice her monster drawings. I dig this monster-girl’s tiny earrings and her toothy smile. And Lisa is mailing random animals to her friends, family and pen pals this month. As much as I’d love to keep the postcard in tact, I’m afraid I can’t resist cutting out the sweet moose. (I think he might make a nice addition to this paper play set.) […]

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