31 Postcards in 31 Days…So Far

Katie Licht, mail a mooseI wish I could say that those postcards pictured above were just a few I’ve sent out this month, but truthfully…I’ve only written one (which still needs to be dropped in the mail!) The three postcards above are from Yuki, Katie and Lisa. Yuki and I have been exchanging postcards since this summer. Her card has fantastic postage stamps–you can see it here on Instagram. Katie is using 31 Postcards to practice her monster drawings. I dig this monster-girl’s tiny earrings and her toothy smile. And Lisa is mailing random animals to her friends, family and pen pals this month. As much as I’d love to keep the postcard in tact, I’m afraid I can’t resist cutting out the sweet moose. (I think he might make a nice addition to this paper play set.)

I’m trying to finish decorating for Halloween this week. Do you decorate for Halloween? I know it’s kind of silly, but I really enjoy it. Hopefully you don’t mind if I share some pictures of our apartment as soon as I figure out how to take them without the sun. It’s so gloomy and rainy here this week–perfect fall weather if you ask me. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have very many days to crunch through the leaves before they got all wet.

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