Halloween Mail

Halloween mail, La Familia Green glow in the dark button, mail artI’m behind on my Halloween mail because I got sick this week and I was down for the count for a few days. But, earlier this month, I got a jump start on sending some festive mail out to a couple of cat lady pen pals. I had these glow-in-the-dark cat buttons from La Familia Green that I wanted to send in a slightly more creative way than just sticking them in a plain envelope. I was inspired by the peek I had of my Presley patch from Margaret, so I decided to use a cellophane envelope instead. Halloween mail, La Familia Green glow in the dark button, mail art 2I used washi tape to attach the button to the card and wrote my note. I tried to place the buttons on the middle of the card, where the machine wouldn’t be canceling the stamp or printing the bar code on the bottom. Halloween mail, La Familia Green glow in the dark button, mail art 3I stuck it all in the cellophane envelope with an address label and added postage. Since the envelope was lumpy, I added the extra twenty-one cents. Halloween mail using cellophane envelopesI also used a cellophane bag to attempt to protect the googly-eye “bra” on my mail art to Kathy. Thanks to a Halloween mail art party with Donovan, I’ve have a huge stack of Halloween envelopes to work through. Now that I’m feeling better, more spooky mail will be written. Better late than never, I guess.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Mail

  1. Amara says:

    So glad you’re feeling better! *Nice Mail*, thanks for sending… It’s fun to see the pre-plague pile, so spiffy all dressed up in black & orange & green. Bravo! & extra points for such a clever disguise on the racy bits :-O What a lot of spooky treats you’ve shared 🙂
    Never let the calendar dictate your mail… it takes as long as it takes to get it all together & on its way. I only dream of sending birthday and valentine cards ahead of time; I’ve never gotten any back marked *Return to Sender Because the Holiday is Over!*
    Take good care of yourself!

    • kimberly ah says:

      Thanks, Amara! I’m glad the mail made it to you and I’ve already gotten yours in return! 🙂 And I love your point about the “Return to Sender”. I shouldn’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. That being said, I’m trying to work on my Thanksgiving cards this week just in case things fall apart later in the month! 😉 See you in the mail!

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