Kings of the Keyboard at FitzGerald’s

FitzGeralds, Kings of the Keyboard cocktailsIt was such a great weekend around here! On Friday night, some friends and I went to FitzGerald’s to see Kings of the Keyboard, an event hosted by Chris Ligon and Heather McAdams, the same duo who put on the Everything But Country Calendar Show last year. Kings of the Keyboard hosts Heather McAdams and Chris LigonKings of the Keyboard, FitzGeralds night club, Heather McAdams artworkChris and Heather brought together a wide variety of amazing musicians: Daniel Souvigny, a fourteen year old piano genius, Chris Foreman, a famous organ player who plays at the Green Mill, Paul Lewis, pianist for the Joffrey Ballet, Charlie Pierce and Choctaw Wilfire, a honkey tonk band from Austin, Chris Ligon who played hilarious songs on the Baldwin Fun Machine, and Scott Ligon and the Letter 3 who are so much fun to listen to (and I promise I’m not biased as Scott is my friend’s husband).   Kings of the Keyboard, 16mm film stripEach act played a few songs and in between, Heather played an amazing collection of 16mm films of old keyboard acts. It was a non-stop cornucopia of entertainment!

I feel so lucky to live so close to FitzGerald’s.

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One thought on “Kings of the Keyboard at FitzGerald’s

  1. Jackie says:

    That was so much fun! And the talent was off the charts.

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