Plot #6: Gardening Begins!

plot #6, forest park community garden, pre-preparationNaoto and I went to the garden for the first time this season on Sunday. We were pleased to find very few weeds in our plot! The soil preparation has gotten so much easier each year. (Here is what it looked like when we inherited the plot.) plot #6, forest park community garden,weedingBecause it rained on Saturday, weeding was super-easy. (And no, Naoto did not do it alone. I jumped in after this picture was taken!) plot #6, forest park community garden, mulchingAfter loosening the soil (not turning it!), we laid down another layer of fresh mulch and called it a day. I was planning to plant some daikon, beets, and bok choi but the water at the garden wasn’t turned on yet, so I suppose planting will have to wait a little longer.

How is your garden growing?

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2 thoughts on “Plot #6: Gardening Begins!

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  2. atkokosplace says:

    My garden is doing well. I feel everything has gotten off to a late start as winter was especially long this year. But so far, I’ve been able to harvest enough veggies for my daily green drink. There’s herbs, and lettuce, and potatoes, and onions and a large area of squash. I started some seeds yesterday of beans, peas, lavender. I am hoping the asparagus I planted will take root. Oh and the cabbage patch is getting huge leaves! I had to buy some plant starter. It was difficult to find heirloom varieties, but I did! I am hoping to have a green house built so next year I can get a jump on things as well as be able to grow during the winter. Cold frames are in my future and that too should help extend the growing season. I love homegrown food! I love that you have a plot. Bok choy is a favorite of mine. And I enjoy using daikon when I make kimchee, which I eat daily. Have a wonderful Friday!Best, Koko❀❀❀

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