Seed Swap 2015

Yellow Owl Workshop garden stamp kitOn Sunday the Forest Park Community Garden hosted their fifth annual Seed Swap. Have you ever been to a seed swap? It was my first time, so everything was new and exciting for me. Basically, you bring packets of seeds to the swap–either something you no longer want to plant, or something you have in excess–and trade them with other gardeners’ seeds. It’s a perfect concept for city gardeners and community gardeners who do not have the space to plant an entire packet of seeds in their tiny plots. forest park community garden seed swapThe swap was held in a school gym, plenty of space to allow for milling around, browsing seeds, and chatting with fellow gardeners. LaManda Joy from the Peterson Garden Project and The Yarden gave a presentation about gardening, her experience as a home gardener, and starting a community garden. The Lisle Seed Library was also there sharing seeds and information about their library’s programs for gardeners.

I brought six packets of seeds to swap (pictured at the top)–lettuce, broccoli, loofah, eggplant, beets, and snow peas. I made my packets from baby envelopes that I had on hand, my favorite Yellow Owl Workshop garden stamp kit, and a little bit of washi tape. (They *may* have been crafty overkill, but I didn’t care.) forest park community garden seed swapI came home with edamame, milkweed, malva, alyssum, morning glories, ornamental grass and a clipping from an oregano plant. I worked registration at the swap, so I missed out on seeing the wide variety of vegetable seeds, but I was kind of more into the flower seeds anyway. I wanted some perennials to plant on the balcony and some edamame to try in our plot this year, so I came home a happy camper.

spring in chicago, snow march 23Speaking of gardening, this was the scene when I left for work on Monday morning. Forest Park got about seven inches of snow…I hope it was good for my winter sowing project!! I’m working on planting some more this week. Spring gardens are just around the corner, right?

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5 thoughts on “Seed Swap 2015

  1. naoto says:

    Yay to edamame!

  2. lalumii says:

    I’ve never heard of seed swapping before. That sounds amazing! I keep wanting to grow plants (and I’m slowly nursing Chinese forget-me-nots), but my apartment provides limited space… plus, I’m going to be away from home for a long time, so part of me feels that there’d be no point in growing them right now.
    But I keep thinking of the beautiful garden I could grow… haha!

    • kimberly ah says:

      I know what you mean…it does take a lot of planning and care, and if you are going to be away for a long time, plants are like pets…they need a caretaker! I’ve been lucky with most of my houseplants (except the succulents!) Balcony plants are a little easier because the weather helps with the watering (sometimes!)

      Oh, and Chinese Forget-Me-Nots are lovely!!!

  3. […] beauties next year! Then there are the gorgeous blue President Tylers, obtained at the actual seed swap. The deep purplish blue is so striking on the railings. And last but not least, the Heavenly […]

  4. […] work to do on the lanai before I can put my gardening gloves away for the season and dream of the Seed Swap coming up again next […]

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