Plot #6: I Picked A Loofah

growing a loofah from seed, Presley and the LoofahI finally picked a loofah! I’m not sure it’s really ready, but this particular one kept falling out of our plot and I was nervous it would get stepped on. Plus, when I picked it, it had a giant slug on it (which I touched by accident and that is not a feeling my memory will be erasing anytime soon.) It was the lightest-colored*, most hollow sounding, biggest loofah on the vines, so I figured I would sacrifice it to see how “ready” the others might be.

So the next step is to cut into the experimental loofah to see if it’s “sponge-worthy.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a tiny Seinfeld shout-out. Also, totally different “sponge-worthy.”)

I will report back soon, along with some fall garden shots. Our tomatoes are really slowing down, but with the crazy gorgeous weather we’re having this week, I’m thinking maybe a few more Juliets will emerge. Cheers to a perfect early fall!


*I should note that the loofah looks really green in this picture but it’s significantly lighter than that in real life…maybe Presley’s eyes are bringing out the greenness?

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7 thoughts on “Plot #6: I Picked A Loofah

  1. juliamonroe says:

    Your gardening was so successful! Our heirloom tomatoes in two barrels on the deck were a big fail. We think the barrels weren’t deep enough or maybe they didn’t get enough sun or bees. They grew about eight feet high and got top heavy and broke over, even with supports. But only three tomatoes grew. Next year, one of our sons really wants to do some serious gardening in the yard, which means we’ll have to put up a high fence to keep out deer and raccoons. Your gardening plot inspires me to try! I’m really impressed you got so much out of it. Presley has beautiful eyes.. love the color green.

    • kimberly ah says:

      Bummer about your tomatoes, Julia! Our Brandywines didn’t produce as many good tomatoes as we got last year, but those Juliets are crazy–tomatoes all over!

      I never thought I would enjoy gardening as much as I do. If you start, you’ll be addicted too 😉 I never had good luck with potted tomatoes, either…but I know some people do. Each area provides its own challenges, I suppose!

      And Presley says THANK YOU! ^..^

  2. Jackie says:

    Presley approves! Once again this summer has proven me to have a black thumb. We got two tiny tomatoes. It was so sad.

  3. Chris says:

    Glad you had a pretty good garden year. I did this thing where I planted an extravagant garden then didn’t tend to it all year and it was a complete waste. At least it’s good to live vicariously through your success.

    • kimberly ah says:

      I think planting & forgetting is in the water this year! We lost a few tomatoes because we didn’t harvest them often enough and TONS of fellow community gardeners let their plots go this year. There’s always next year! 🙂

      • Chris says:

        I hear ya, wait till next year. If I had tons of $$$ I’d turn my veggie plot into a green house and grow indoors year round. No weeds, no deer… That would make me not be lazy right? Having an indoor garden? (lol I doubt it).

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