June Paper Parcel

Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelJune’s Paper Parcel was another stunner–the theme was “Farmers’ Market” and every little bit was better than the last. I am really excited that Naoto renewed my subscription for the rest of the year because it has been such a treat to get these in the mail every month. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelThis is how it arrived…sweetly packaged in brown paper with a fruit label and sweet gingham fabric ribbon. (Sorry for the weird foot picture. I tore open the package before taking a proper picture.) Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelThese are some of my favorite bits: milk and juice caps, milk tickets, stamps, a Dennison orange seal and tiny Dennison labels. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelAnd I love these red fruit and vegetable labels. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelThe “big pieces” this month consist of ledgers, cookbook pages, gardening book pages, fruit & vegetable delivery receipts and dairy receipts. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelA Florida orange grove postcard, a recipe card and two seed packets were other vintage treats. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelThere were lots of little price tags and fruit and vegetable crate labels. I love the graphics on those labels and the “Fruit Cup” one is making me crave a can of fruit cocktail. I’m going to use the pea label in our garden journal. Saturday Morning Vintage Paper ParcelAnd as always, Xenia can find a playing card for every theme. The rooster and the pear are wonderful, but the soybean and oat cards (both from different Pit games) are so unique and have the best graphics. And of course the Florida orange round card takes the cake…round cards for the win every time!

To see more Paper Parcels from my subscription, go here and for more information on Saturday Morning Vintage’s Paper Parcel Subscription, go here.

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