Garden Beginnings

forest park community gardenWe’ve been slowly planting our garden plot over the past couple of weeks. So far we’ve planted two Brandywine tomatoes, two Juliet tomatoes, one yellow pear tomato, peas, flowers and a loofah. Our loofah didn’t make it last year but we thought we’d try it again anyway. So far, the seeds have done nothing. Again.forest park community garden

We decided to skip the root vegetables since ours failed last year. (The beets didn’t do anything and the daikon were so skinny they were almost nonexistent.) Tomatoes and peas and flowers…and maybe a cucumber or some lettuce. We’ll see. We still have about a third of our plot left to work with.

Today I’m working on planting some climbers on the balcony and trying to come up with some sort of notebook to hold my seed packets for reference during the season. Last year I thought I’d be better about keeping a garden journal and I failed miserably. This year…it’s going to be different. (Hopefully.)

Happy gardening!!


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2 thoughts on “Garden Beginnings

  1. Chris says:

    I have grand plans of recording everything we harvest to see if we really made a go of it, how many humans we really could sustain. I’m not to ‘garden journal’ stage yet. 🙂

    This is a community garden correct….How many raised beds are yours?

    We just planted our garden this weekend. Do you see other people planting earlier than you and feel anxious? I’d be stressed a little bit. Is there any deep seeded (get it) competition that goes on subconsciously in a community garden?

    • kimberly ah says:

      Hi Chris!
      Our community garden has 55ish beds now. There is some pressure. We are never the first to plant, but we are by far not the last! I feel like we got a late start this season because of the weather and our weird schedules. There is a nice range of skills and experience at the garden so we just always to stay on top of the weeds, keep our plants looking good and producing and hope for the best. Good idea about keeping track of how much you get from it. Last year, we ate and gave away so many tomatoes but we didn’t have success with much else. This year, we are hoping to learn from our mistakes and at least get some peas & flowers with our tomatoes 😉 I look forward to watching your progress!!

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