Garden Update: Surprises

moon and stars watermelonWell look at that…we have a tiny watermelon! Just like that time I found the cucumber in the wild west mess of unkempt vines in our garden, I was shocked to find the watermelon.

Downright bowled over.

Now I don’t want to leave it. I want to stay home and keep it safe from bugs and other nibbling beasts. (Our second cucumber was a midnight snack for something.) red pepperOur red pepper is ready to be picked! We are going to get to enjoy one before our vacation, and our neighbors (who are watering and harvesting while we are gone) will be able to enjoy another one. There are two, smaller green ones still left on the plant. Hopefully those will hold off until we get home. Forest Park community gardenI’m going to miss the garden while we are gone. I’m sad that I’m missing a week of new discoveries and tomato picking. Even though I know our plot is in good hands (thanks, Brett & Karen!), it’s tough to leave it. A few of our tomato plants are almost done, but most of them have newer green tomatoes on them and even some blossoms still. I hope that we can still have a few fresh tomatoes when we get back. forest park community gardenIn the meantime…hang on tiny watermelon! I want to enjoy you when I get back!

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5 thoughts on “Garden Update: Surprises

  1. cath says:

    Time is going so swiftly I rather wish you a very safe journey to and from Japan now and a lovely vacation with your family, than risking to have missed the opportunity.

  2. Oh my god, that watermelon is adorable.

  3. Karen says:

    No worries! We will TRY not to eat all the tomatoes while you are away 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    It’s so cool discovering baby watermelons. We planted ours from seed with little hope but alas we had 3 little watermelons. We lost one this week to a bug. The other two are still very small. Congrats on expecting. I hope he / she grows up big enough that you get to enjoy it. 🙂

  5. Mom says:

    I hope it grows a lot & safely while you are gone so you can enjoy it when you return.
    Seems like garden season just started & now almost finished up. Summers go so fast anymore!

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