Saturday on the Balcony

DSC_0124Saturday was the last of a string of perfect summer days–low 80s, no humidity, sunny skies, gentle breeze…

DSC_0127Naoto and I had grand plans for the day, but we ended up lounging around on the balcony enjoying the weather and soaking up the rare gem of a summer day in Chicago. While Naoto caught up on reading the Japanese news (hence the laptop), I watered the plants, caught up on some letter writing and worked on cleaning my thrift store typewriter. It was a nice feeling of lazy productivity. DSC_0115While we were outside, this was happening inside: DSC_0133After lounging all day, it felt good to put on a dress and walk down to Cafe DeLuca for drinks and dinner. They make the best limoncello martini…a perfect drink for summer.IMG_2721Today, when I walked outside and into the thick-as-pea-soup, heavy and hot air, I decided that we made the right choice on how to spend a summer Saturday.

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One thought on “Saturday on the Balcony

  1. […] is stinky & rotting and there are eraser crumbs all over the insides. I spent a good part of Saturday wiping it down and vacuuming it out. It’s looking much better, and once I replace the ribbon, […]

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