Garden Stamp


Shortly after I decided I had to sign up for the community garden (application still pending…) I came across this “From the Garden of” Stamp Activity Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop. I immediately bought it (which is very unlike me…I firmly follow the one day waiting period for all online purchases). I already have two Stamp Activity Kits (the Gift Tag and the Place Card, both gifts from Naoto) and I love them, so I figured having a garden stamp on hand might come in handy if I get to grow vegetables this summer. I optimistically imagined Naoto & I giving some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers to our friends in a brown paper sack complete with a hand-stamped tag. (Realistically–or pessimistically as Naoto calls it, I fear we will grow a garden of weeds and have nothing to offer anyone.)

My parents, on the other hand, are veteran gardeners with many years of success in their gardening gloves. My dad’s vegetable garden is enormous and overflows with produce throughout the summer. They give away a ton and can several vegetables each year. And he and my mom have quite the collection of perennials throughout their yard. Just when they think they don’t have any room for another plant, they fall in love with a new variety and magically find a place for it. (I talked my mom into buying an anemone just yesterday.)


So naturally with all that extra produce, I figured my dad could use some garden tags this summer. Using the green ink that comes in the kit (which, incidentally, is similar to StazOn because it works on pretty much any surface), I stamped a few tags (Martha Stewart for Avery manilla tags 4 3/4in x 2 3/8in, which are apparently discontinued…) and added them to his birthday gift (pistachios and this). It was a quick little project and one I hope to repeat for my own garden!


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5 thoughts on “Garden Stamp

  1. Presley says:

    Correction – Mommy, those stamps are from me!

  2. This is darling. I can imagine lots of uses in our school garden. Gonna check it out…

  3. Mom says:

    So cute & will come in very handy!

  4. Jackie says:

    Presley can type?! Amazing! So can my dog Alex. Love this stamp!

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