The Latest in Letter Writing


I wrote two and a half letters at the Letter Writers Alliance/Pieritz Bros letter social last weekend. Two went out in Monday’s mail and the other is waiting to be finished. The social was FUN but as usual I forgot to take pictures–I was too busy typing and listening to stories about old typewriters. But Pieritz is the perfect setting for a letter social: a selection of office supplies close at hand, a collection of vintage typewriters throughout the store and an enthusiastic shop owner who is interested in all things paper, pen and type. (If you’d like to read more about Pieritz, The Well-Appointed Desk paid them a visit here.)  I monopolized Donovan’s Sans Serif typewriter (AKA the Cold War typewriter). I didn’t mean to linger, but the machine types like a dream, plus I love the purply-blue ink!



Donovan, as usual, made some “commemorative” stationery to use during the social. I always bring my own paper with the intention of using it, but I love sending a letter that shows it was written during the social. The Pieritz Bros stationery was an especially good one–I love those stamp illustrations!

In other news, Naoto had his endoscopy today to see how things were healing & he looks good to start eating a FULL range of foods next week! We are over the moon about the good news, and counting the days until next Wednesday when the ban is lifted. Now we are in full party planning mode for the eating celebration next weekend…

Yay for good mail and good news.

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