In My Mailbox: Vintage Recipes

vintage recipes, chiffon cake, old recipes, recipe boxMy pen pal Danielle has been sending me a string of vintage recipes lately and I love it! Each on is a little time capsule from days when sweets and treats were most often homemade and sometimes a little strange. (At least strange compared to what we’re used to eating nowadays.) This is my little collection from the past few letters. vintage recipes, chiffon cake, old recipes, recipe boxI’m most interested in trying this one. (I keep forgetting to add butter scotch chips to Naoto’s shopping list.) I love how it’s handwritten, creased, and well-used. It sounds very sweet, right? Maybe I need to do an Instagram Story from my kitchen so we can all be surprised at the outcome! vintage recipes, chiffon cake, old recipes, recipe boxAnd who doesn’t love a chiffon cake? I don’t think anyone makes these anymore. (Or maybe we just don’t call them chiffons anymore?) It sounds so light and fluffy. I wish I had a reason to bake a cake this week. vintage recipes, chiffon cake, old recipes, recipe boxThe fact that someone clipped this out of the newspaper and wrote, “MAKE AGAIN” on it makes me verrrrry curious. It’s called Desperations for goodness sake! I can’t picture what the finished product looks like…any ideas?vintage recipes, chiffon cake, old recipes, recipe boxHere is where I draw the line… Canned pears and pimento cheese? Topped with green pepper? Nope. (I don’t think the salad dressing looks bad though…)

I wouldn’t eat that…would you?

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3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: Vintage Recipes

  1. Adina says:

    First, this is adorable and amazing. You mention not having a reason to bake a cake, and my rebuttal is needing to bake a cake is reason enough! I just made a ridiculous layered mocha cheese cake because I wanted too. That said, I also have a shop full of carpenters to offload it onto so my husband and I don’t eat the whole thing ourselves (we would have, it was delicious)

    Those desperations look like they might end up like a thin cookie bar. I’d be curious to try them if they didn’t have coconut, but I bet they’re delicious without.

  2. danielle says:

    but it’s called VICTORY salad!

  3. atkokosplace says:

    Canned pears and pimento cheese…topped with green pepper…Not sure if I’d ask for it or make it, but I’d give it a try! 🙂

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