Plot #6: The Planting Begins

chives, plot #6, community garden, forest park community gardenOn Saturday, we had our official “Garden Kick-Off 2015”. We served coffee and donuts at the garden and new and returning gardeners came to check out their plots and get started on the planting season. It was very cold (and I was sorely underdressed) but the rain held off and we had a productive morning cleaning up around the garden and giving mini orientations to new gardeners. community gardening, clearing plots, Forest Park Community GardenIt was the most people I’ve seen at the garden at once in a long time, especially since last year I hardly saw anyone. watering zinnias, forest park community gardenI planted some flowers in a general community garden planter (two kinds of zinnias and alysum) and Naoto dug out a space on the hill for pumpkin and loofah growing. It was a good working day at the garden, but there is still a lot more to do in the coming weeks. prepping for square foot gardeningOn Thursday, Laura and I prepped our plots for square foot gardening. Although I am not going to do by-the-book square foot gardening, (I am not using the special soil mix and the tomatoes I plant will never only need one square foot!) I wanted to try the grid to help me plan the garden better and get more variety out of our plot. I just hammered nails in every foot along the side of our garden bed and used string to mark the grid. The string won’t last very long, but it should stay through the planting season to assist with organization. beginning square foot gardening, plot 6, community gardenSo far, we’ve transplanted the chive that we inherited in our plot (I dug it out in 2013 and it’s been languishing on the balcony in a too-small pot ever since. I decided we have room for it in our garden again.), transplanted some winter-sown broccoli (too many for 1 square foot—oops!), and planted beets and daikon. Four squares down, twenty-eight more to go! It’s been rainy the past couple of days, but this week I will be going back to plant some more once I have drawn out a plan for the rest of those squares!

Have you been planting anything lately?

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2 thoughts on “Plot #6: The Planting Begins

  1. Cindy R. says:

    I’d really like to try my hand at tomatoes but I am so bad at keeping any plants alive!

    • kimberly ah says:

      I have mixed results (as you’ll see when I talk about my winter sowing experiment!) but plants really do need a lot more attention than we realize. I have good luck with geraniums and shamrocks on my balcony/windowsills and in the garden, I think the rain and luck have helped! But you should give tomatoes a try again…they really are the BEST garden plant–nothing beats a home-grown garden tomato!!

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