Going Postal Birthday Gifts

postal themed birthday giftsA certain mail-lover had a birthday last week and Naoto really hit it out of the ballpark (or should I say the post office?) with my gifts. He went with a postal theme and shopped on Etsy for some ideas and ended up choosing an upcycled mail bag purse, a postman rubber stamp, and an envelope necklace. I was thrilled with everything! postal themed birthday gifts, etsy, stiksel, upcycled old mail bag, pursepostal themed birthday gifts, etsy, stiksel, upcycled old mail bag, purse The purse is made from an upcycled old Dutch mail bag.Β He ordered it from the Stiksel in the Netherlands and gave it to me with the idea that I could make it into a traveling mail pack. I love this idea, but I will probably carry it as a purse sometimes, too. I love that it has a “patina” and it’s the perfect size for both mail supplies and daily trips to the store. postal themed birthday gifts, etsy, pictureshow shop, postman rubber stampThe next gift was a mailman rubber stamp from Pictureshow. Isn’t he dreamy? He reminds me of John if John was a mail carrier in the 1950s. Look at that overflowing mailbag of letters! postman rubber stamp, postcard raceIt stamps like a dream and I love how detailed the image is. Here he is on a new Postcard Race. (By the way, I’m still doing some postcard testing…updates coming soon!) postal themed birthday gifts, etsy, monyart shop envelope necklaceAnd last but not least, Naoto gave me an envelope necklace from MonyArt. The envelope charm is kind of rustic looking and I’ve been wearing it every day.

I love a good theme gift…way to go, Naoto!birthday bouquet birthday bouquet

In addition to the mail stuff, Naoto came home with a stunning bouquet of flowers. Those orchids…sigh…I’m reminded that spring weather is around the corner (even though it snowed seven inches on my birthday eve!)

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One thought on “Going Postal Birthday Gifts

  1. Cindy R. says:

    Those gifts! Perfect! Love that bag. Very cool and thoughtful.

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