Grandpa Litton

grandpa, grandma, mom & connieOn Friday, my grandfather passed away. He was eighty-three. When we went to see him earlier this month, we knew the time was limited. The touristy excursions were a chance for my dad and I to give my mom some time alone with him. Since Hamilton is such a small town, it was easy to pop in and out throughout the day.

My mom’s parents were divorced when she was very young. Grandpa remarried and lived in Hamilton for his entire life after the divorce. He and Sharon were married for more than fifty years, so clearly he found the perfect fit on his second go ’round with marriage.

We only saw him once or twice a year when he would visit us and when we would make the annual summer trip to Hamilton. At the end of each visit, he would always tear up when we all said goodbye. He was quiet and kind-hearted and until the end, always seemed so strong and full of life.

grandpa & sharonGrandpa was in a lot of pain while we were there, so it is somewhat comforting to know his suffering is over. Sharon was by his side during the last hours. A peaceful ending to a long life.

The picture at the top is from the 1950s: my grandpa after one of his baseball games holding my mom (left) and Aunt Connie (right) with my grandma in the background.

The second picture is my grandpa & Sharon, most likely from the 1960s.


11 thoughts on “Grandpa Litton

  1. Jackie says:

    Love the old photos, Kim. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. This being human stuff is hard sometimes, isn’t it? I’m so glad you got to say goodbye to him.

  2. lalumii says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I wish you and your family well.

  3. Cindy R. says:

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts are with you.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’m sorry for your loss but I’m glad you were able to make the trip to visit him.

  5. Mom says:

    Kim, another special tribute. Thank You for being there for us.

  6. cath says:

    Sorry for you all to hear your grandfather passed away, yet I’m happy that you have been able to spend time with him and say goodbye to him. Take care, my sincere condolances to you all, especially your mother.

  7. Laura A says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather. No matter how old people get we still want them around forever. Glad you got to see him recently.

  8. treshiz says:

    Those pictures — what a wonderful way to reflect and think about your grandpa. Again, so sorry for your loss.

  9. Margaret says:

    Sorry to hear about this.
    Glad he wasn’t alone when he passed.

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  11. […] grandpa passed away almost four years ago (I wrote about him here,) and his wife Sharon passed away this January. She wrote a longer message than usual in our […]

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