Family Brooches

note from SharonOn Saturday I got a little box in the mail from Sharon. When we were there last year visiting Grandpa, she noticed that I was wearing vintage brooches, so she decided to send me a few that had belonged to my great grandmother, Blanche Litton. Great Grandma Blanche Litton's broochesThere’s a silver and purple pin with a matching ring, two gold leaf pins, a silver filigree pin, and–most likely the oldest, and for sure my favorite–a two-toned blue stone pin. I think the purple pin and ring will look great with my all black and grey winter wardrobe and I’m looking forward to wearing the gold leaves this fall. I’ve already worn the silver pin and the blue one will be going on my work cardigan today.

I am so grateful to Sharon for sending these along.

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3 thoughts on “Family Brooches

  1. Mom says:

    They all look so pretty. Am glad you have Grandma’s brooches. A gift I know you will cherish.

  2. Cindy R. says:

    They’re very pretty

  3. […] us each a vintage pin. Mine is a groovy 1970s flower pin. Can you believe in all of my brooch collection, I don’t have a metal flower? It’s so much fun! It was a relaxing afternoon. I […]

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