Honor Flight Mail

military cards, honor flight, mailA couple of veterans from my hometown went on Honor Flight recently. Neither went with Honor Flight Chicago, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see them off or welcome them home at the airport. They each flew on different flights with other Illinois-based Honor Flights. One veteran, my Great Uncle Tom went this year and the other veteran, my old neighbor Bud, went last year. When it comes to thank yous, I employ the “better late than never” rule.

This summer I came across an offer from One Canoe Two (and a sponsor, Veterans United) to get this 3-pack of military cards for free. I ordered a set because I knew two of the cards would be perfect for these guys. And, I had a couple of extra Honor Flight Chicago pins from when I started doing mail call a few years ago. (Maureen gave me several pins and told me to use them to “spread the word and good cheer” about Honor Flight.) At Saturday’s letter social, I wrote notes inside the cards and tucked a card and a pin inside some old notecard boxes. This is a trick I learned from Donovan who is the queen of reusing things in the name of mail.honor flight, military mail, patriotic mailThe clear plastic packaging just happened to be the exact size of my A2 cards and left room for the pinback. I had a good time decorating the boxes with patriotic washi tape. At the letter social, we weighed the package and it was 1.5 ounces. There was some disagreement about whether it’s a letter or a package, so I came home and looked up the specifications on the USPS website. It’s technically too thick to be a letter (the box is 1/2 inch thick, the letter limit is 1/4 inch) so the postage came to $2.32. I happily used my Inverted Jenny stamps and a flag forever stamp. Honor Flight of Greater PeoriaI hope Bud and Uncle Tom like their mail surprises!

P.S. That’s my Uncle Tom above with his daughters and son-in-law during his Welcome Home Celebration.

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4 thoughts on “Honor Flight Mail

  1. Lisa says:

    Isn’t Honor Flight one of the most wonderful things ever? I’ve had the privilege to interview and write articles about so many of the veterans once they return to Illinois, and they do nothing but rave about the program.

  2. Mom says:

    What a special surprise. They both will love it. You are always so thoughtful. Can’t wait for Bud to come in & tell me all about it. He will probably have a tear in his eyes. I bet I get a hug!!

  3. Marty says:

    Could you please advise of the current address being used for HFC Mail Call…..

    I share this info with my local schools and scout groups….

    Thanks in advance

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