Handmade “Aerograms”

creative stationery, aerogramI’ve had these stamp information sheets since this LWA RSVP series in 2012. I found them in my vast paper stash while I was geting my desk organized (which is still an ongoing project–so many drawers, so many decisions.) The stamp sheets have pictures and educational bits on one side and are blank on the other, so I figured I could write letters and fold them into makeshift aerograms. The paper is thick and sturdy, perfect for handwriting or typewriters and I knew if I used some washi tape to seal it all up, that the recipients could (hopefully) open their letters easily without cutting into them. creative stationeryI hand wrote a letter to April on the “Postage Stamps of New Zealand” sheet. Then I folded the sheet into thirds, paying attention to how the back would look. I wanted the title part (seen at the top photo) to be the feature.creative stationery, aerogramI folded some red paper tape (from Target) over the two ends. creative stationery, aerogramThen I used thick washi tape (from Japan) to seal the top. creative stationery, aerogramI wrapped the thick washi tape around the front of the envelope and stamped the ends with an “OPEN HERE” stamp (from a set of postal-themed stamps that I bought it Japan). Hopefully, the little directions will prevent the sendees from tearing open the aerogram like an envelope. creative stationery, aerogram I had so much fun making these and spending out some of my paper hoard. I’m thrilled that I found my letter writing mojo again!

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2 thoughts on “Handmade “Aerograms”

  1. Donovan says:

    These look great!

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