Bigfoot In My Mailbox

Big Foot, Sasquatch, MythWhen April was in town we somehow got on the subject of Bigfoot. I admitted to her that I am fascinated by the creature, and while I don’t necessarily believe in its existence, I think it’s fun to wonder about. Also, one of my favorite movies from childhood is Harry and the Hendersons. And no, I am not ashamed.

A few weeks after April’s visit, the Bigfoot postcard (bottom center) arrived in my mailbox. April remembered! But she wasn’t done yet. Shortly after we returned from Japan, I opened my mailbox and found three cards from April–it was a Bigfoot party! Two of them are birthday cards. One says, “I hope your birthday is unbelievable.” And the other says, “Your age is a mystery” and it includes Loch Ness and UFOs! And the last one–my favorite–is a die-cut of Bigfoot that says, “Un-believe-able.”

April mentioned that she didn’t know Bigfoot was a trend in stationery. I didn’t either, but it’s a trend I can get behind. Goodbye chevron, hello Bigfoot!

Thanks, April!

(FYI, from the top center: Analog Supply Co, Greenwich Letterpress, Quill & Fox and Blackbird Letterpress.)

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3 thoughts on “Bigfoot In My Mailbox

  1. petite28 says:

    This is great! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    How fun!

  3. […] of her fun products and Daisy the Dog. I just love Eling’s style and of course, I love her Sasquatch and Yeti lines! I got a few postcard sets (bears and tomatoes, pictured at the top) and the sweet […]

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