Renegade Recap 2015

Renegade Chicago purchases, Migration Goods, La Familia Green, Arthurs Plaid Pants, Genevieve Santos, NerfectOur trip to Renegade happened by accident this year. It fell on a busy weekend and I had kind of resigned myself that we weren’t going. But Naoto and I had a coffee date with one of his coworkers (and fellow cocktail enthusiast) and since we were in the neighborhood, I bribed Naoto with a beer and a promise that I was only going to go to a couple of booths. I broke my promise because Renegade didn’t offer vendor maps this year (Annoying!) so I had to go through the whole fair to find the people I wanted to see. Darn! Hasegawa Happy Hour at RenegadeBut it was a gorgeous weather day and we had a mini happy hour, so I made it worth his while. Renegade Chicago purchases, Migration GoodsI’ve been following Eling from Migration Goods  on Instagram for as long as I can remember. It’s so weird following someone for a long time and then meeting them in person for the first time after feeling like you “know” them through the internet. But, it was so great to meet in person and put a voice and personality with those pictures of her fun products and Daisy the Dog. I just love Eling’s style and of course, I love her Sasquatch and Yeti lines! I got a few postcard sets (bears and tomatoes, pictured at the top) and the sweet Big Foot holding “Presley” ornament that will go on our Christmas tree but hang out all year long, too. The detail on her felt goods is so amazing…tiny stitches, tiny pieces…seriously I want to know how Eling has the patience to sew a grumpy brow on Big Foot? Renegade Chicago purchases, La Familia GreenI’ve been shopping with La Familia Green for years…since Mollie was selling Gocco-printed cards and VHS cover journals. Now she has a huge card line (two of the three cards I bought are on the top left corner in the top picture), great wrapping paper (the cat paper in the background of today’s pictures is LFG!), and quirky buttons (like Chicago weather man, Tom Skilling above). I’m obsessed with the weather and will stop my day to watch summer storm or winter blizzard weather coverage, so I had to have the Tom Skilling button. I’m going to wear Tom on my winter coat to remind myself not to kill the messenger when it’s 30 below in March. Genevieve Santos snail mail stickers Genevieve Santos snail mail stickersI picked up some mail-themed stickers from le petit elephant, Genevieve Santos. I’m going to try not to be hoard-y with them…now I’m wishing I had bought two sheets… Her illustrations are just so sweet and I love that she has some sweet pen pal themed options (like these sweet rubber stamps!) Renegade Chicago purchases, Arthurs Plaid Pants golden girls notecards Renegade Chicago purchases, Arthurs Plaid Pants golden girls magnetsI happened upon Arthur’s Plaid Pants by accident, drawn in by a Golden Girls sighting. I couldn’t resist the thank you cards and the magnets (which are now hanging out on my Ikea RÅSCOG bar cart). I love her quirky drawings and Midwest focus. Renegade Chicago purchases, Migration Goods, La Familia Green, Arthurs Plaid Pants, Genevieve Santos, NerfectAnd last but not least, I picked up a few buttons from Nerfect, our Berwyn “neighbor” to the south. Abe is a gift, but the others are going on my bag.

There were a few other sellers I wanted to see at Renegade but we somehow missed them. I didn’t have the energy to go back through the crowds to hunt for them. This is where a fair map (and maybe better booth signage?) would have been helpful. The good news is, Show of Hands is coming up in November and maybe I can get some Christmas shopping done there.

Any good craft fairs happening around you?

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7 thoughts on “Renegade Recap 2015

  1. lalumii says:

    So I really wish there was a fair like that where I am. It seems like my dream! (But my bank account’s nightmare haha…)
    I particularly love the stickers and the bear cards. They’re just too cute!

  2. juliekirk says:

    Ah to live in a time where there are Golden Girls greeting cards … wow. [I’d have bought those too!!]

  3. Rebecca says:

    I follow two of those shops on Instagram. le petit elephant was one of my favorite’s last year, it’s all so sweet!

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