Presley Meets April

presley meets aprilApril and I “met” on Twitter when she began commenting on Presley’s pictures. We starting writing each other letters and postcards shortly after that and we finally got to meet in person last month at Ex Postal Facto. April lives in New Zealand and she’s doing a bit of travel in the U.S., including Chicago this past weekend. Since she flew all the way from New Zealand, and because she is the Founder and President of the Presley Adami Hasegawa International Fan Club, we arranged a meeting between April and Presley on Saturday morning.

Of course, Presley was her aloof, suspicious, feisty self but she allowed April to give her a treat, throw her fetch ball and take her picture. We thought everything was going well until I threw a toy for Presley and in her excitement to chase it, she attacked April’s arm instead…(I’m so ashamed!) Sigh…

Thankfully April was a good sport and accepts Presley as she is…

marion street cheese market grilled cheeseAfter the meeting, we left Presley alone and went to the Marion Street Cheese Market for lunch and then headed into Chicago to visit Greerapril and kimberly at greerIn spite of the cold and snow, we had a really great time warming up and perusing all of Greer’s splendid offerings. I had to restrain myself a bit because of our upcoming trip to Japan, but I did manage to buy some really cute cat notecards.

Thanks to April for being such an easygoing visitor for Presley and happy travels throughout the rest of your travels!

6 thoughts on “Presley Meets April

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like Presley didn’t mind April’s company. Nice day for all of you.

  2. Catwrangler says:

    Arthur is very upset to learn that April has been stepping out on him.

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