Tapas in Tokyo

Los Borrachos tapas in tokyoSo maybe you don’t think of Spanish tapas when you think of places to eat in Tokyo, but like any large city, Tokyo offers up foods from all over the world. I love seeing Japan’s take on foreign foods. tapas in tokyoWe found this tiny tapas bar, Los Borrachos 3 (translation: the drunks), near our hotel and decided to check it out. If anything, we were intrigued by the sign that reminds customers that Los Borrachos is a bar, not a barber. (Apparently people were confused by the striped pole near the sign.) tapas in tokyotapas in tokyoThe restaurant, located on the second floor, was warm and cozy and filled with mariachi music (yes…that’s Mexico, not Spain, but it was quite festive). tapas in tokyoTokyo restaurants, Los BorrachosTo start, we enjoyed beer and sangria along with Alioli Potato Salad (pictured above after I’d eaten most of it…I got a head start because Naoto ran back to the hotel for my camera). And we had Pollo al Ajillo, chicken fried in garlic sauce (pictured at the top along with another beer and some cava). Los Borrachos And we enjoyed paella (sadly not pictured) and one of my favorite things–a salad made with fresh cabbage, manchego cheese and iberico ham with a vinaigrette. It might sound weird, but it was so simple and fresh and delicious…and we are hoping to recreate it at home for a Hasegawa Happy Hour soon. tapas in tokyoAnother Tokyo restaurant, another handwritten menu…I am charmed by you, Tokyo.

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6 thoughts on “Tapas in Tokyo

  1. Chris says:

    Looks like a great trip, great city. great food.

  2. Naoto says:

    I miss that Japanese waiter yelling “si!” – probably the only Spanish word he knows…

  3. Rebecca says:

    That sounds so charming, I love it! The idea of a handwritten menu is fantastic!

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