Home from Tokyo

Sagen-jaya street markerWe have been home from our Japan vacation for a week now, and in case it’s not obvious by my absence last week, adjustment has been rough. I always have a hard time with jet lag–I’m not a good sleeper in general–but this time I was especially delirious and zombie-like. Today, I’m shaking off the cobwebs, unpacking (yes…I haven’t even unpacked one of our suitcases–the one with all the stationery!) and sifting through the pictures from our two week stay in Tokyo.

So prepare for Japan Month Part Two and plenty more Japan Does It Better Posts in the coming weeks. We did a lot of the same things that we did last year and added a few new favorites like the Postal Museum Japan, calligraphy lesson and a Spanish tapas bar. (Yes, I said Spanish tapas.) I will be back on Wednesday with my first post and I will be working on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule this month (and maybe longer) while I get back into a routine here at home.

It feels good to be home…and awake!

P.S. The picture above is us (our feet) with a street marker after a late-night dinner in Sangenjaya (our hotel neighborhood).

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