Hello from Tokyo

I’m currently passing the time at Bunbougu Cafe, drinking hot tea & eating office supply-shaped cookies. (More on those coming soon!)
Our trip is going well, though it’s passing more quickly than we expected. Naoto is spending lots of time with his mom and I’m eating too many Misdo donuts and seeing too many stationery shops. (Actually, there is no such thing as too many stationery shops!) Tomorrow I’m having the calligraphy lesson, which is both thrilling and scary–I hope I’m not the worst student the teacher has ever seen! And, I saw the cherry blossom blooms for the first time today–just one tree but hopefully more will be blooming by the weekend!
I will report back soon…and obviously, get ready for many Japan posts when I get home.

P.S. Pictured above, an izakaya near my mother-in-law’s neighborhood.

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