The End of Another Letter Month

bear mail cat mail cat mail 2 stamp washi letter month oney, letter monthYesterday marked the end of Letter Month. Last year, I felt a little bit burnt out at the end. This year, I feel re-energized about letter writing. I don’t really think it’s due to Letter Month though. I think it’s mostly due to meeting so many of my letter writing friends and feeling inspired by the mail people I met at Ex Postal Facto.

In total, I sent forty-three pieces of mail–two more than I sent last year. While I did write a letter every single day, there were some days that I didn’t make it to the mail box (which is sad because we have one in our building!) because of forgetfulness (or hibernation). But the act of writing happened every day and I hope to continue that to some extent beyond Letter Month. I did spend out some stationery I’ve kind of been hoarding, but I did not expand my mail art skills at all…mainly sticking with the usual washi tape and rubber stamps… There’s always room for improvement next year!

Presley and writing lettersThanks to everyone who filled my mailbox this month!

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2 thoughts on “The End of Another Letter Month

  1. cath says:

    As a lucky and happy recipient – your card from San Francisco arrived yesterday- I think you did very good and did I really spot another envelope there for me?! Wow,Thank you!

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