A Presidential Valentine

Honest Abe ValentineIn the US, we are celebrating Presidents Day today, which means banks, schools and post offices are closed and some lucky people have the day off.  Sigh…I love a good pun.

I made an Abe themed Valentine for my dad this year. abe valentine with demo label makerI started with another Paper Source 4-bar heart (the base for all easy homemade Valentines) and added the words with my vintage DYMO label maker. I love punching those letters…I don’t use that thing nearly enough. I decided to make a pun based on Honest Abe. If this Valentine was for Naoto, I would have gone the b(Abe) route…but it would be weird to call my dad a babe.

I topped off the Valentine with my inspiration for the Valentine–this button from La Familia Green. (They make the cutest buttons–I have my eye on the coffee and donut one for perhaps a future Valentine.) I taped it on with a little piece of washi tape. Simple and sweet.

From my land to yours…Happy Presidents Day!

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One thought on “A Presidential Valentine

  1. Rebecca says:

    This is super cute! I love that button, what a great idea!

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