Book Club Christmas Tea

book group Christmas teaLast Saturday, we had a Pleasant Home Book Club Christmas Tea at Peggy’s house. book group Christmas tea 2There were so many of us that we had to sit at two different and wonderfully decorated tables at Peggy’s.

christmas tea sandwichesWe enjoyed ham salad (made by me), egg salad, cucumber sandwiches, cherry almond scones, homemade ricotta, homemade lemon curd and homemade Meyer lemon curd (so delicious, I can’t even explain), Christmas cookies, champagne cocktails, tea…my tiny plate above was the first of many. Christmas Tea at Peggy's 3After we ate, we moved into the sitting room and talked about our book–The Cat by Colette. (By the way, The Cat deserves its own blog post sometime in January.)twilight at Peggy's houseIt happened to be the Winter Solstice, so we got to enjoy Peggy’s beautifully lit sitting room as the sun went down. It seriously is Christmas heaven over there…so many twinkle lights!

Thank you to Peggy for another wonderful Christmas time!

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4 thoughts on “Book Club Christmas Tea

  1. What a festive house! I love the photos — so beautiful. And it sounds like this book club was so much fun. Thanks for posting this; it was a treat to see and read.

  2. […] month for our Christmas tea, Peggy made two kinds of lemon curds, regular lemon curd and Meyer lemon curd. The taste between […]

  3. […] menu was very similar to last year’s menu. I made ham salad tea sandwiches again, and they were served alongside pimento tea sandwiches […]

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